Have A Plan For Good Health

Do you have a plan for your health? Doesn’t it make sense to figure out what your health needs might be and to take care of them so that you don’t need to worry about illness? Everyone should have a proper Health Plan, which involves an understanding of what health means to you as an individual, and a plan for sustaining good health.

It should be reviewed from time to time whether monthly, quarterly or annually, and acted upon with the intention of being able to enjoy your favorite activities and have fun as much as possible.

Many people have a financial plan but don’t have a health plan. As most of you know, a financial plan is a system of making sure that your money is well managed and to make more than you need for immediate survival. Within that framework of taking care of your finances, you are often encouraged to invest in big enough insurance policies that will cover you just in case something bad happens.

Usually, the “just in case” is a bad thing that happens to your health. But do you have anyone coming to you to talk to you about having a plan for your health.

Most people think that their health insurance is their health plan, but it isn’t really. Health insurance covers you when you are sick with something and allows for you to have tests that will be paid by insurance, only if you have evidence that you need those tests.

A good health plan should involve a review of your lifestyle, including how you eat, sleep, work, exercise, attitudes, and whether you are enjoying your life, a physical exam, and a discussion of your desires for your health. Together you and your practitioner should then create a plan for how you will achieve your desires for health in the coming year.

If you talk to most financial advisers, you are often advised to “pay yourself first”. It means to give money to yourself before you give it to other people or causes. As far as see, time management works in the same way like money management; you have to give yourself time first and a substantial amount of that time should go to your personal health care.

As with money management, you need to set aside time in each day to take care of yourself. As you review your plans for any given day, week, month or year, look at your schedule and find time for exercise and healthy eating. Put those times down in your calendar, in bold print or ink. it’s important you don’t let anything else interrupt that part of your schedule.

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