Diabetes Protocol Reviews

Diabetes Protocol is an eBook that contains a step by step plan aimed at helping diabetes sufferers combat the symptoms of the disease. It is created as a unique solution to stop diabetes and eradicate it completely out of your body. This informational guide was created by Dr. Kenneth Pullman that can be used by anyone who has diabetes. Dr. Pullman developed this system from his knowledge as an experienced health professional to help people get rid of the frustrating disease and live a normal and healthy life again. The creator claims that it is scientifically proven method to reverse diabetes with natural and safe methods.

Diabetes ProtocolShort Review

The Diabetes Protocol is a very popular program online and some users reported that it helped them improve their diabetes. The product is not a scam because it is sold through Clickbank’s secure order form and the eBook is instantly delivered you after purchase. However, the biggest problem that I have with this product is the use of certain phrases on the sales page that could be misleading. Upon listening the video or reading the text presentation one may get the idea that this is the ultimate miracle cure for diabetes. But really it is a natural solution to help you control your blood sugar levels so that your diabetes is always maintained within safe, healthy limits.

Diabetes Protocol Detailed Info

First of all it is an electronic book (eBook) that you instantly get to download to your computer after you order. No physical items will be shipped. The e-book format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.

Diabetes-Protocol-Pdf-DownloadIt teaches people how to start living a salubrious way of life and could help you stop Diabetes within 19 days. The program shows usersa how to adopt the right eating and lifestyle habits that would help them reverse the symptoms of diabetes. The product is a diet and lifestyle change course that works to keep a person’s body healthy, their blood sugar levels in mark and allows the body to function properly.

Dr. Pullman has claimed that his guide can efficiently reverse both Type I and Type II diabetes. Adding to its greatness, only 19 days are required to go along with effective outcomes. This method reveals a phenomenal natural approach to treat diabetes that is free from using heavy medicines, insulin shots or medications, and other medical procedures.

How It Works

With the help of Diabetes Protocol, diabetics would be able to force out pre-diabetes and dismiss diabetes type II. This is one course that puts blood sugar levels at the healthy level that it is supposed to be. That means fewer expenses for medication and regular consultation to doctors who just make their money and leave you with little or no improvements. Since Diabetes needs attention to be cured more than the medicines to take on daily basis.

Diabetes-TestingDoctors’ typical approach to treatment of diabetes involves the use of medicines that can synthetically enhance insulin manufacturing in the body. Dr. Pullman has disclosed that this form of treatment has little to no impact on diabetes and is not the most ideal method to handle the condition either.

Does It Work As Promised?

I already said that I take issue with the way the Diabetes Protocol book is promoted on the feature presentation. I think that the treatment plan it contains is over-hyped and can be misleading. However, it is not a scam.

Some people loosely throw the word scam around for anything. If Dr. Kenneth Pullman charges your credit card and delivers nothing, that’s a scam. If he sends you the materials you ordered, its not a scam. You may not think the material is not what you expected it to be, but its not a scam. Also, It appears that many customers who actually ordered the product found it helpful.

I do think his advertising is over the top using words and phrases like “miracle” which is not what it is. But the product does provide valuable information on effectively managing diabetes and saves a person weeks or months of internet research. So to me it is worth the few bucks.


  • Natural solution that allows you to maintain your diabetes without conventional medication.
  • Digital product: you will not have to wait for this program to arrive in the mail.
  • A 60-day Money-Back Guarantee covers you if you decide during that period that the Program is not working for you.
  • This a product with a high market gravity and popularity.
  • This program comes with easy-to-follow instructions.


  • Not a lot of online info about the author. This may be because the name Dr. Kenneth Pullman is a pseudonym used to protect the real identity of the creator.
  • The promotional presentation makes claims that may be over-hyped.

Review Conclusion

I believe the Diabetes Protocol is worth a try, as it is affordable and promises you to improve your diabetes quickly and naturally. If for any reason you’re not happy, you can get your money back within 60 days. No hassle, no questions asked. So it’s safe to give it a try if you suffer from diabetes.