The Main Reason Women Struggle To Lose Stubborn Fat

Read Why Stubborn Fat Is So Hard To Lose And Why Women Need To Use A Different Approach Than Men For Getting Rid Of fat In Trouble Areas.

Stubborn fat is the type of fat that is hard to lose despite continued dieting and exercise efforts. Both men and women can have stubborn fat areas or trouble spots on their body that are hard to get rid of. And they would usually require special fat loss strategies to improve. However, if you are a woman who struggle with stubborn fat you’ll need to make sure that you are using the right program to address stubborn fat in your female body. The reason for this is fat is stored, structured and released differently in women’s body. These differences makes it harder for women to lose stubborn fat than men.

Why Stubborn Fat Is Harder To Lose Than Regular Fat?

One easy way to identify stubborn fat on your body is when you start a weight loss program and start seeing results but certain areas on your body are not getting lean in proporion with the rest of your body. They noticeably lag behind, preventing you from getting the overall lean figure you want. These areas tend to be the lower back, love handles, butt, hips, and thighs. In respect to gender, stubborn areas of fat are usually the hips, butt and thighs of women, and the love handles on men. These trouble spots can be very frustrating to people trying to get in shape. But there are reasons why these particular areas of fat are stubborn.

Stubborn Fat Structure

Stubborn fat is physiologically different than other fat. The main factors that make it different is it has a high density of alpha-receptors compared to beta receptors, is more insulin sensitive, and receives less blood flow than regular fat. In order to understand the best solution for getting rid of stubborn fat you need to understand the 2 types of receptors found in fat cells – alpha and beta receptors.

Both alpha and beta receptors are called Adrenoreceptors. These are like switches that react with a hormone called adrenaline that is released naturally by your body, and makes you store or release fat. Basically, Beta Receptors release fat from fat cells and alpha receptors trap and store fat in fat cells.

To put it in different terms, fat that is easy to lose has more beta receptors than alpha receptors, and fat that is hard to lose (aka stubborn fat) has more alpha receptors than beta. This ratio of alpha and beta receptors in individual fat cells determines how stubborn or non stubborn the fat will be.

How Stubborn Fat Is Different In Women Than Men

Everyone, women and men alike, have both Beta Adrenoreceptors and Alpha Adrenoreceptors but the the truth is gender differences causes women to have more stubborn fat than men and also have a harder time getting rid of them. Researchers have discovered that women have 9 times more Alpha receptors than Beta receptors in their stubborn lower body fat.

So women really do have more stubborn fat. Differences in male and female hormones are certainly involved – both in the fat loss process as well as in the patterns of fat storage on the body. And another big obstacle for women is not hormonal at all, it’s one little fat loss relativity factor that is often overlook. That factor is the simple fact that women are usually smaller and lighter than men. So it’s very important to use a weight loss program that addresses your female physiology and not err by setting your goals and designing your fat loss plans like men.

The Solution For Women To Lose Stubborn Fat Fast

So we have seen that stubborn fat is different than regular fat and gender differences make it even harder for women to get lean than men. However, if you are a woman don’t think it is impossible to lose your stubborn fat. The answer for effective stubborn fat loss is found in learning how to activate your fat-burning beta receptors and shutting down your fat-storing alpha receptors. By doing this you’ll convert your most stubborn female trouble spots into fat-burning mode and eliminate the fat you’ve always struglled with such as on your thighs, bum and hips.

Addressing your body’s Adrenoreceptors is the key to getting rid of stubborn female body fat, and you can do this with the right nutrition, exercise and supplimentation. Luckily for you there is a new groundbreaking program called the Beta Switch that has been designed specifically for women who struggle with stubborn fat.

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